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one last post for today… then a long pause I promise!

Funny how things are, I am tired tonight from a long week of running my kids all over, I decided to check in on my (many) blog friends, and everyone is talking about managing their time! Weird huh? So here are links to a couple of posts… if you want to read more head over to my other blog and click down the sidebar, you’ll enjoy the trip!

True Adventures of an art addict

Kristy Hall talks about the myth of competence

And this on plate spinning… a common metaphor!

So we all struggle to make our ends meet, to make time, take courage that you are in good company!


Magazine art?

I am enjoying this new website and this week there have been some informative articles about submitting your art to magazines. If this is something you might be interested in… read more here, here & here.

I have worked with Cloth, Paper, Scissors in the past… seeing your stuff in print is pretty exciting!

curator speaks

OK this is pretty long, I had to print it to read it… but if you are serious about new venues for your work, well give it a read, senior curator, Michael Darling talks about his job and contemporary art curating.

go here

managing our time

I have to admit that I DO NOT feel very good about my time management this week. A series of personal/family crisis has overturned the smoothly oiled engine of my life resulting in complete shambles! I realize that one of the things I really need to do is make a little more wiggle room in my packed schedule for unforeseen emergencies!

The good news is that everything has been accomplished… the bad news is that I have had to sacrifice sleep to do it!

Are any of you list makers? I have been a list maker all my life, I keep lists of things I want to read, lists of things to do, etc. I find it helps to empty out brain space I would use trying to keep those lists in my head. If I make a list of what I HAVE to do the next day I fall asleep moire quickly and know exactly where I have to begin the next day.

When I was a college student at UB I used my daily commute to make lists on a digital tape recorder. On the way to school I would empty my brain of all mum/wife related things I needed to do so I could concentrate on school. On the drive home I talked to myself about my classes and what needed to be done for school. I transposed the lists and worked through them!

It worked for me… what strategies work for you? Share them here on on the discussion board on our website.

I found this link brief and informative… maybe some of you will too!

Hang in there! Best & blessings to all…


see you soon!

Wow! Is time flying for you? I have ben so wicked busy since last meeting… a kid on crutches, a new lecture series, a totaled car (no one was hurt)… I am running on adrenaline as I try to finish up some pieces for an upcoming show!

Balancing is a big issues around here, and probably one that many of you face to, so here’s a funny little chat about balance… maybe one of the ideas will stick/work for you!


Setting boundaries is important for a creativity. Deciding when you will be available… and to who. Making time to do the work you are here to do may require a lot of planning, especially with a family. Right now I am on the other end of the spectrum, my kids are pretty much grown and don’t need me as much, in fact I am often the only one at home. But when I have big blocks of time, I put things off, say “i’ll do that later” and then I don’t. How about you?

What are your challenges to stay on track. Do you have some tips you’d like to share with everyone about balancing or managing your time?

a link you might enjoy

zen habits

thought for today….

Reality is a

with many solutions,
all of them the right ones.
Iris Murdoch