see you soon!

Wow! Is time flying for you? I have ben so wicked busy since last meeting… a kid on crutches, a new lecture series, a totaled car (no one was hurt)… I am running on adrenaline as I try to finish up some pieces for an upcoming show!

Balancing is a big issues around here, and probably one that many of you face to, so here’s a funny little chat about balance… maybe one of the ideas will stick/work for you!


Setting boundaries is important for a creativity. Deciding when you will be available… and to who. Making time to do the work you are here to do may require a lot of planning, especially with a family. Right now I am on the other end of the spectrum, my kids are pretty much grown and don’t need me as much, in fact I am often the only one at home. But when I have big blocks of time, I put things off, say “i’ll do that later” and then I don’t. How about you?

What are your challenges to stay on track. Do you have some tips you’d like to share with everyone about balancing or managing your time?


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3 responses to “see you soon!

  • mary jacobs

    im not sure where i should post a bit of information. i read alot and come across info for other artists. the AARP foundation wants original art- in pastel, oil, acrylic, or watercolor- for its 2012 claender. the 14 winners will aslo be displayed online this fall (1-888-687-2277;

  • Chris Stark

    Sorry, I’m learning how to post info. on here…..

    Trying to work on my goals…my mind is going every which way, as are my words! I think I am making a little headway. Enjoy the videos and links here so far.
    Glad to hear everyone is o.k. after car accident. Take Care. See you on Sat.

  • Penny Minner

    I find it too easy to let things slide as well. My kid is grown now too, but I am a grandmother of one and enjoy every moment I can with her. If I don’t see her I feel guilty.
    What I’d like to do is always on the back burner and isn’t a priority.
    In a lot of ways, I some how manage to pull off the project or task at the last moment, kind of like studying for an exam – it’s by the skin of my teeth!

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