managing our time

I have to admit that I DO NOT feel very good about my time management this week. A series of personal/family crisis has overturned the smoothly oiled engine of my life resulting in complete shambles! I realize that one of the things I really need to do is make a little more wiggle room in my packed schedule for unforeseen emergencies!

The good news is that everything has been accomplished… the bad news is that I have had to sacrifice sleep to do it!

Are any of you list makers? I have been a list maker all my life, I keep lists of things I want to read, lists of things to do, etc. I find it helps to empty out brain space I would use trying to keep those lists in my head. If I make a list of what I HAVE to do the next day I fall asleep moire quickly and know exactly where I have to begin the next day.

When I was a college student at UB I used my daily commute to make lists on a digital tape recorder. On the way to school I would empty my brain of all mum/wife related things I needed to do so I could concentrate on school. On the drive home I talked to myself about my classes and what needed to be done for school. I transposed the lists and worked through them!

It worked for me… what strategies work for you? Share them here on on the discussion board on our website.

I found this link brief and informative… maybe some of you will too!

Hang in there! Best & blessings to all…



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