burnt out?

I don’t know about all of you, but these first months of SAVI have flown by in a blur! The year will be gone before we even know it!!

This week I have all the classic symptoms of overload, I cannot settle down to anything. I am on deadline mode, rushing from one thing to the next, and all the joy of play is missing from my home & studio. This is partly because I have a very sick child, and mostly because it was 6 week grading week at the college, so I had lots of loose ends and paperwork to complete. I have half finished work in my studio, and a whole new body of work calling to me, and mostly all I have time to do is go from one doctors appointment to the next, so this article was timely for me, and maybe for some of you too.

Now the craziness of grading is behind me I find myself unwinding a bit, and I am looking forward to getting back on track with my studio deadlines and clearing the decks for that new work.

That webinar on time management is going to be very timely for me!! LOL!

Seriously though, I share this with you because we all get off track sometimes, life has a way of upsetting our best laid plans. I used to think that I was a failure if I didn’t complete my to-do list, now I can comfort myself with the thought that I am only human. So for me this is a pull up my socks and buckle back down week.

Looking forward to meeting with all of you this weekend and hearing all about your journey so far. Best & blessings… Deb


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