This topic came up again and again this weekend. So I am going to include some links to some sites that might have an idea or two that will work for you.

When I first quit my day job as a graphic designer, people kept calling me asking me to do things, or just to chat for hours. I had to keep reminding them that I was WORKING. My studio is a JOB, it pays my bills. I had to keep telling them that I would never call them at their office to chat…. and not everyone got it, and I did lose some friends in the process, but I was OK with that eventually. Now I just don’t answer my phone when I am working, I let the machine pick up. I warn people that this will happen, most people are OK leaving me a message.

I had to train my family to stay out of my space when I was working. I had to remind them I was WORKING. Eventually they got the message too, now my husband will roam around at the foot of the stairs till I tell him to come on up!!! Or he comes bearing gifts like chocolate or wine.

SO here are some links for you, and good luck, this is a tough one, and I feel we’ll be coming back again and again. Share what works for you on the discussion board, your peers will thank you!

8 tips for setting boundaries and from Oprah(!)


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