Hi everyone. Firstly my apologies for the long silence, I have been busy putting out all the fires that started when my child was so sick. I hope I am back on track and ready to dive back into my “normal” life. I hope you all enjoyed the webinar and found something useful in there. I was thinking that I might like something visual in my studio to help me stay on my map. What about all of you?

I have been busy trying to find some resources on managing the people in our lives. I know from personal experience that it can feel VERY SELFISH to take time out for my own work. My family is pretty trained now, they rarely come into my studio without invitation, and if they do they come bearing gifts, coffee or wine or chocolate (!) which is appropriate I think for entering my sacred space! They didn’t get that way overnight, I had to tell them again and again to let me be, and I wasn’t always so nice about it!

Friends can be even harder, friendships take time & energy to maintain. I am going to admit to you all that some friends didn’t make the cut. This probably makes me sound cold & uncaring, and a bit mean, but here’s the thing, I want to make ART! Some of my friendships were not very reciprocal, they only called when they needed something from me, “that would only take a minute” MY MINUTE out of MY STUDIO TIME.  This is one of those two good choices moments, here is a fork in the road, do I want to be a great friend (well of course) or a great artist (duh!). So for some people I picked art over them, the same for some other big time commitments like volunteering for pretty much everything and one.

Now again I am going to tell you that this didn’t always make me popular. When the PTA called and said can we count on you for face painting this year again (even tho my kids graduated years before) and I said NO, well you don’t make so many friends that way. And I have learned to be OK with that because I want to make ART.

When I am in the studio, my machine picks up my calls. I TRY really hard to stick to my studio schedule, unless something super important crops up, and no dishes and laundry are not super important!

Right now I am trying to figure out how to get more down time into my life… time to go sit at an exhibit, or have lunch with my family and not have to watch the clock. I can get all the things done I need to do, I just want to figure out how to do it better. I’d like a day off. Like God.

So watch your post for something from me, and good luck with your homework from Anna. As always call or email if you need me, I will pencil you in!!!


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An artist struggling to balance art, teaching and family in suburban America. View all posts by dryadart

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