rainy day list

The weather is getting me down, I am ready for spring. You would think that an English girl would be used to so much rain, but I am feeling gloomy as Eeyore today! I have been thinking about all of you this week, as I have been wrestling with my calendar and trying to get up into the studio to do some work. I have been working on a new business plan, I was so energised after the last meeting that I rushed home to begin, and now all that lovely energy is being washed away by a grey steady rain.

How about all of you?

So today I have been cheering myself up by surfing the blogs and I came across this post


and I liked the idea, making a list of what I love, as a way of getting myself back to a more positive place, so just in case any of you are feeling a bit down or overwhelmed or challenged in this interlude between meetings I thought I’d share the idea. Feel free to share your lists, it would be fun to see them! If you are interested in mine I’ll be posting it over at my blog later today!


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2 responses to “rainy day list

  • mary jacobs

    well it is good to be back on line, my computer crashed since the last time I posted something and i was glad we did not have a webnair scheduled. sooooo, back to work i go. geting a bussiness plan is scary and i feel unprepared. i realize my resources are few and i need to invest more $$$$ if i want to grow and become famous. my calender is getting pretty full right now as i have show scheduled every month til october. i think i need to slow down and get a overall look at what i have learned so far and how to improve- those baby steps right. the calendar idea is helping me. it helps me keep those goals on completing projects and not over extending myself. but i still need to remember to say no some times- even to my family so i have time for myself.

  • dryadart

    I agree Mary, having a calendar helps, and now that I have the idea of blocking out time AHEAD of when I have something coming up to make time to get ready in I hope I will be more prepared. And I find I am less anxious about things once they are there in black and white, written down. Making a business plan is hard, even with the helpful handouts from the last session I think it is a very overwhelming task, but I really think that you can do it!

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