Someone I know just posted a link to this very sage piece of writing, so I am sharing it with you! I know many of you, like me are busy gearing up for Routes to Art this weekend – don’t forget that success is not only sales, but contacts and publicity. Think about how you will measure the success of the event before you head out, 10 new contacts, 10 sales? And after you have tried 100% don’t beat yourself up if you don’t quite make the goals, celebrate your success and then as this author suggests, pick up from there and continue on down your path.

Also a friendly reminder, your artists statement is due to me and Heather by May 27th, and we are available to offer editing advice before then! And don’t forget to think about the answers to the goal worksheet (green) I handed you at May’s meeting.

If you have any specific topics you would like Jim to address in June relating to the legal side of art making, get them to us ASAP. No guarantees he will be able to cover them, but we can ask!

I hope you get out and enjoy the sun this weekend. And I hope I will see some of you at Routes to Art.


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