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I know some of you etsy, but for those who don’t I am giving you this link to marketing ideas on facebook. While you are there check out the site, it has a lot of cool, cheap , effective marketing ideas.

Also many of you are asking me about resumes, must be all that writing has you in the mood! I am going to recommend the College Art Association’s website for info on resumes, CV’s for teaching and many other tools for presenting yourself in a professional manner. Here’s the link.

I hope everyone who participated had a good weekend at Routes to Art. Please feel free to share your success and any insights you think the group might benefit from here or on the website. I came back from what was a pretty slow traffic weekend really energized and fizzing with ideas for two new pieces of work! Plus all the new names on my mailing list and a sheet full of people interested in taking classes with me. I hope you all got something positive out of it too.

Summer is finally here for me, I teach less and am able to get into the studio to work on big installation pieces. I will also have more time to post on the blog so finger’s crossed for more frequent updates. If there is something you’d like me to cover or research for you, shot me an email, or leave a comment here!


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