How many of you are thinking about entering the Southern Tier Biennial this  year? Me too if I can get my act together and get some better pictures before the deadline!! Oh I know you are all disappointed to find out I am not perfect! Actually I am procrastinating because I didn’t get accepted for the show last time. I am worried I might not get in again. If I don’t what will that mean about my work. Since I did get in the first year does it mean I have been making rubbish since then?

We will all have to face down rejection and all the crazy monkey mind fears it brings. Here is a great blog post about one artist’s experience and how she dealt with a crushing rejection.

Looking forward to seeing you all twice this week, on Wednesday at the webinar on websites and on Saturday in person! Hope you all have a productive week, and I am looking forward to reading all your goal surveys. If you haven’t sent in your statement it is LATE! Hop right on that, promote it to the top of your to do list. I want it Saturday for sure!!


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One response to “rejection

  • Barbara

    Good article about rejection. I especially like the comment from the fellow who kept track of his rejections and celebrated each one because that meant he was working hard.
    Here is a quote from Harley Brown that I tacked up on my studio wall:
    “The art world is littered with the spirits of people who gave up, just didn’t see the fun and the inspiration of being part of the artist’s wonderful world.
    But you, dear friend, are made of sterner stuff. Right?
    So I say to you:
    Never, never, never, under any circumstances, give up faith in your ability!
    On paper or on canvas, you really do have something to say. Trust whatever is inside of you.
    Stick with it!”

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