welcome summer


summer time & the living is easy! HA! This is how my summer looks, what about all of you? As we reach the half way mark in our year together how is your energy? Are you still excited by the things on your list, or are you beginning to realize that you want to go some place else?

This is how I keep track of what is going on in my professional life. It is in plain view in my studio. I need to see things otherwise I waste a lot of time & energy worrying about the due date for a show or application. The little notes are meetings I have committed to attending, so I don’t start to over-schedule my days. Summer is so precious to me because I get big swaths of time to create in. I am able to work on larger projects and just play in the studio instead of always being on a creative deadline. The bottom of the board contains my crazy lists, things still to do for impending deadlines. I use post-its for this area so I can take them down when I need to take action on them!

Watch your post in the next week or so as a new SAVI newsletter will be on its way filled with tips & tricks for goal “keeping” from your peers. I see from the green sheets that many of you use a big calendar or lists, would you be willing to share some pictures? If so email them to me & I will share them with the group. I find a calendar doesn’t work for me because I want it to look neat & tidy and I am always adding and re-prioritizing things and I end up re-writing the calendar just so it isn’t a mess! I’m off to enjoy a day mostly in the studio, except for a few errands for a workshop I am teaching tomorrow. Hope you have a great day!


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One response to “welcome summer

  • tatterednworn

    Way to go! Looks like a good idea to me…hmmmm, wonder where I could find the space? Maybe on the back of the studio door I could put my inspiration board AND a place for all my lists! Thanks!

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