Monthly Archives: August 2011

keeping afloat

My apologies for not posting more often lately, I have been swamped trying to prepare a new course I picked up at the last minute. MY summer is officially over as I am back in school. As always I begin a new term with optimism, hoping I will have engaged students ready to learn. Of course we know how many of them will fail to reach their art life goals because out here in the trenches we know how hard it really is to stay on track, stay motivated and do the work the universe sends us!!

A while ago I promised to put up some business links for artist insurance policies – Artists Help Network has put together a pretty comprehensive list of carriers, or you could ask your insurance carrier if they offer vendors insurance. Hopefully that will set you off in the right direction!

So, it seems like a long pause between meetings this time around, what are you all working on? I am finishing up a large cast paper installation piece for a show at JCC in October, I have been trying to really stay on track with this as it is a large project and of course the paper needs to dry, so I can’t rush in and finish it up at the last minute (which we all know is our preferred method of working!!) I am also playing with some new work, connected by a thought to this body of work but working in a less structured way. And I am writing lesson plans both for college and local organizations, along with doing some gallery research and a zillion and one other family things.

I hope you are all still on track to your goals – feel free to share what you are working on here or at the website.

So here’s my little bit of education related inspiration for today I hope you enjoy it.