Monthly Archives: September 2011

miss you all!

I hope everyone enjoyed their labor day holiday, although I spent the whole day on the computer trying to get caught up for school, at least my house is clean and I am finally up to date with my marking! I am teaching a student success class this semester, which is basically a freshman experience, it provides them with tools to become better motivated and prepared for life in college. Obviously I often think of the comparisons between this class and SAVI.

I have needed some uplifting motivation lately, I have been running behind all term and while I have been spending a huge amount of time in the studio (which is why I am behind!) I have been focused on finishing the big installation piece I was working on, and that has felt a lot like WORK!

So because it seems like ages until we meet again, and as it will be a brief meeting abbreviated by Bonagany, here’s a lecture for you to keep you moving towards your goals. Some of you have probably seen it before, or may even have read the book, but I never get tired of watching this man speak – Enjoy!