Welcome to the SAVI program! This will be a life changing experience for us all…

Each week on this blog there will be creative challenges and prompts, exercises to get our creative juices going and our practical business brains up and running, a chance to talk about our success (may they be many) and even more importantly a place to be honest about things that are not working for us. I hope it will be a place where we can share great tips and tricks along with the crushing disappointments that derail us all for time to time.

I hope it will be a place to get our inner critics under control, and our art monsters out of the closet and into the light of day, where they will look small and ridiculous. I imagine it will evolve and grow as we do. This blog is private, only invited members may participate, so feel free to be open about your art doubts and fears, I know they will find a sympathetic listening ear here!


One response to “About

  • Chris Stark

    Trying to work on my goals…my mind is going every which way, as are my words! I think I am making a little headway. Enjoy the videos and links here so far.
    Glad to hear everyone is o.k. after car accident. Take Care. See you on Sat.

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